Kids Spa’rty

Kids Spa’rty

Per Child

Our Kids Spa’rty Party is a magical experience that caters to the desires of young VIPs aged 5 and above. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or simply gathering for fun, we've designed the perfect package to make it memorable. With room for 2 to 6 guests, each child can bask in the luxury of our spa oasis.

Upon arrival, each child will be provided with a plush spa robe, comfy spa slippers, and an elegant headband, ensuring they look and feel the part throughout the event. Our spa ambiance is carefully crafted with soothing music, flameless candles, and defused essential oil mist, setting the stage for relaxation and pampering.

The main event includes a mini-facial with a delightful choice of chocolate or fruity options, followed by a neck, shoulder, and head massage that will leave the kids feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The foot soak is a fan favorite, featuring mineral-infused water, essential oils, exfoliation, and a soothing foot rub. We even provide heated eucalyptus towels for that extra touch of relaxation.

Our refreshment station offers infused water, a variety of teas, and fresh lemonade, accompanied by a sweet treat tray to satisfy any cravings. Each child will also receive a customized party bag to take home, while the Guest of Honor will be treated to a special Party Girl V.I.P. bag filled with surprises.

To make the experience even more unforgettable, you can choose one extra activity from our selection, all included in the price. Options include a glamorous Razzle Dazzle Dress Up & Fashion Show with a photo shoot, an educational Tea Tree Oil Class and Nature Walk across the street in the Reserve, exciting girly games with prizes, creative crafting at our Craft Table, and even stick-on nails, colored hairspray styling, light makeup, and dazzling stick-on jewels. For those seeking relaxation, a meditation and yoga experience is also available.

Please note that we are here to cater to your preferences and can customize the party to include activities like opening presents or bringing in your own food, cupcakes, cake, decorations, and more. Your VIP party experience can truly be one-of-a-kind at our location. Join us for an unforgettable day of pampering, fun, and celebration!

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