Greenhouse Detox Hot Tub Suite

Greenhouse Detox Hot Tub Suite

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Our private Greenhouse Detox Hot Tub Suite is a haven like no other, promising a truly unique and revitalizing experience. We take pride in crafting our own special blend of minerals and essential oils, carefully formulated to assist in purging toxins from your body. Within this serene sanctuary, you'll find a selection of our signature recipe packages, each offering a distinct approach to wellness.

Renowned for its purity, versatility, and mineral-rich composition, our detox tub is designed to be a holistic oasis for your body. This restorative spa treatment harnesses the soothing power of warm water jets, infused with our unique blend of minerals and essential oils, to ease sore muscles and naturally replenish your body with essential minerals. The result is a renewed sense of balance and a gentle detoxification, helping you shed the stresses of modern life.

Step into our private suite, where you'll be enveloped by the calming presence of Himalayan stones and the vibrant greenery of greenhouse plants. These elements not only create a tranquil atmosphere but also provide pure oxygen, allowing you to take a deep breath and fully unwind.

For couples seeking a shared experience, we offer a 60-minute session for two at $100. It's an opportunity for you and a loved one to bond while immersing yourselves in the soothing embrace of our Greenhouse Detox Hot Tub Suite.

Join us and discover the restorative benefits of our unique blend of minerals and essential oils in a setting that truly nurtures your well-being. It's an experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and ready to face the world with renewed vitality.

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